During my undergraduate degree at UVic I worked multiple internships at a local game studio called InLight Entertainment. Now graduated, I have worked there as a programmer full time since 2012.
Mainly we create educational games for LeapFrog. These are some of the ones I’ve worked on.

Aardvark Adventure Tales: Quest for the Monkey King’s Treasure

TM & © 2014 LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.

This is a 40-level top-down puzzle adventure game for that released with the launch of the LeapPad 3. It made prominent use of the particle system developed for Go Gopher Go! and featured an efficient 2D lighting system with realtime shadows and effects.

Aardvark Adventure Tales on the LeapFrog App Center

Go Gopher Go!

TM & © 2013 LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.

This is the second multiplayer game to be developed by our studio. It uses the same locked-step networking engine as Roly Poly world. The game itself is very reminiscent of Dig Dug: you are a gopher digging around underground collecting food. I also added a new particle system to our engine that was first used in this game.

Go Gopher Go! on the LeapFrog App Center

Roly Poly World

TM & © 2013 LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.

This is the third Roly Poly game and our studio’s first multiplayer game. This game was a launch title for the LeapPad Ultra, which was the first LeapFrog device to support Wi-Fi. I developed a simple but robust locked-step networking system for this game which has been used in a few titles now. The game has you tilt the tablet to roll a pill bug around the screen, collecting coins and completing various challenges.

Roly Poly World on the LeapFrog App Center

Stretchy Monkey

TM & © 2011 LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.

This game was a popular launch title for the first LeapPad tablet. It spawned two direct sequels and the character went on to appear in other LeapFrog titles. In this game, you propel the eponymous monkey through the treetops to collect fruit and avoid enemies. I’m quite pleased with how successful this game has been even though I was only working part-time at this point and was the only programmer on the title.

The “Smack!” effects were my first attempt at a particle system for our engine. This didn’t end up being used in other titles and I eventually wrote a much more capable system while working on Go Gopher Go!. However adding these (they weren’t actually called for) has gotten me into a habit of adding cartoon text to many other games (I use it a lot in Space Rocks for example). A noise is just funnier when you see a piece of text telling you what the noise is while you listen to it.

Stretchy Monkey on the LeapFrog App Center

The Penguins of Madagascar: Operation Plushy Rescue

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Madagascar ® DreamWorks Animation LLC

This was a larger side-scrolling platformer starring the Penguins from the DreamWorks movie Madagascar. The game follows “Private”, the youngest and least experienced of the squad, as its leader “Skipper” puts him through a number of training missions.

This project was already well under development when I joined. However, I remember extending our level editor to include Bézier curves for plotting the trajectories of springboards, slides, and other elements.

The Penguins of Madagascar on the LeapFrog App Center