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Philosophy Faceoff (Global Game Jam 2014)

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The theme given to use was “You don’t see things as they are, you see them as you are”.

This is a two- to four-player local multiplayer game where each player’s character has a different philosophy and objective: the philanthropist collects and gives coins to other players, the misanthropist steals coins from players, the capitalist stashes coins in his or her vault, and the neutralist tries to have the time run out before anyone else completes their objective. Each character is able to see and interact with different parts of the world.

The game can be played with four players clustered around one keyboard (a la old DOS games) or with most USB game controllers.

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Get Gold (Ludum Dare 26)

Get Gold Castle

The theme for this jam was “minimalism”. I decided to try an isolate a single simple mechanic and see how far it could be taken. In this game, you start with a small castle, at which you can buy workers to collect gold for you. As you earn gold you can upgrade and by more castles, which in turn allow you to hire more workers and collect gold faster.

The game turned out okay, but lacked a real challenge. Nonetheless, watching your income increase as you bought upgrades and slowly took over the map was a surprisingly engaging activity, if only for a short time.

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Project Maple (Ludum Dare 24/OrcaJam 3)

In collaberation with Max Loy.

Project Maple

Complete and utter silliness for the 2012 Ludum Dare Jam and Victoria OrcaJam, which landed on the same day. The themes for the two were “Evolution” and “Maple Syrup” respectively, so naturally we made a game about a monstrous maple syrup being in a secret government compound deep in the Canadian wilderness. The game takes place in randomly generated dungeons filled with debris, other maple syrup monsters, and Maple Syrup vats you can breed with to create new characters.

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